The rigor and elegance of Tristar enriched by the innovative Ghost Frame technology which makes the light source an invisible presence that does not affect the purity of the reflective surfaces. Tristar is a mirror cabinet which lacks nothing. Also available in versions with open compartment, Tristar is enriched with direct light and ambient light underneath. The double-sided mirror defogger doors are equipped with soft-close hinges, the tempered glass shelves are adjustable, the shaver socket and the USB socket are integrated. The natural aluminum structure makes Tristar a bathroom mirror with a minimal and refined design.

Data sheet

Tristar GH


Cabinet mirror
Black aluminum finish
Direct light with GHOST technology
Ambient light underneath
Open shelf area (see dedicated models)

Double sided mirror door with defogger
Soft-close hinges
Tempered glass adjustable shelves
Mechanical ON/OFF switch
Mirrored back panel
Shaver socket with illuminated switch
USB socket

LED temperature color 4000K
220V, CE, IP44

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