News catalog Cersaie 2019

Vanita & Casa engineers and develops illuminated mirrors and mirror cabinets enthusiastically. The goal is to offer mirror and mirror cabinets which are innovative, technologically advanced, complementary to the bathroom and home environment and able to excite emotions by creating a special atmosphere.

The company has been systematically analysing the manner in which the mirror product is perceived and employed since its foundation and, recently, has been taking into account the progressive and continuous evolution of new lighting technologies. As a result, Vanita & Casa has introduced the use of OLEDs: the new frontier in terms of light emission.

Exclusive Advantages are constant features of our products such as BlueVibe (music via Bluetooth with vibration speakers), infrared on/off sensors with light intensity regulation, X hanging (for user-friendly installation), mirror defoggers with dedicated on/off switch, mirror thickness of 5 mm with safety film backing and an IP44 rating. To the above characteristics we also offer LED light diffused through the use of Plexiglas around the edges which, thanks to its transparency, permits uniform lighting, TripleWhite or DualWhite systems.

All our mirrors and mirror cabinets are eco-friendly. They are very energy-efficient and built using recyclable materials. Our greatest satisfaction is to know that Vanità & Casa mirrors and mirror cabinets will become an important element of your personal well-being.