Charging station

Have you ever thought of a mirror with a Cell Phone Charging Station? Well, we did. The Fenice mirror offers the possibility to charge your mobile device by simply placing your cell phone
on the Fenice shelf as you prepare for your day. The technology relies on magnetic induction, which involves using current to generate a magnetic field, creating voltage which powers the phone without your plugging
a wire into it.

Tilting mirror

Vanità & Casa has aimed to provide our customers with top quality products which optimize their homes since 2011. We now want to offer the elegant and
stylish DIONE mirror which is designed to benefit people with disabilities. Dione is the perfect mirror solution for the bathroom in a handicapped room in a hotel, nursing homes, public bathrooms
and hospitals. Dione angles downwards so that somebody with a disability, for example in a wheelchair, can see his/her
reflection easily.

Sunray effect

LED bulbs which recreate sunrays, which, alternatively, emit a warm and cold light beam.

Oled tecnology

OLED technology permits us to
illuminate the mirror in a uniform
manner with only one millimeter
of thickness. When the OLED panel
is not illuminated it becomes a
“mirror in the mirror”.

Removable hand mirror

3X removable hand mirror with
LED illuminated perimeter, magnetic fixing system and induction charging.

Bluetooth music

BlueVibe or “web radio” is a
form of music transmission via Bluetooth from a phone or tablet. The mirror comes with a vibrating speaker that emits high-fidelity sound.

Touch sensor

The illuminated touch
sensor permits to switch
on and off the mirror with
the simple touch of a finger even
in the dark. The Moonlight, Moonshine and Idra models also have a dedicated touch sensor for the defogger.


Practical shelf that, thanks to its depth, is perfect to display
your precious make-up and beauty


A thin recyclable
Plexiglas structure which
diffuses the LED light.
When it is applied to our mirrors,
it illuminates the surroundings
creating a lighting aurora.

Warm/Cold light

The Meteor, Smile, etc… backlit mirrors have integrated dual illumination, warm and cold, and the passage from warm light to cold light, and viceversa, is obtained by keeping your finger on the touch sensor for a few seconds.

Energy saving – leds

We employ the latest lighting technology and use the newest generation of LED lights which offer the best performance at the lowest possible energy consumption in accordance with the global effort to respect precious resources. All the Vanità & Casa mirrors are LED illuminated, including the backlit models.


Our mirrors have a thickness of 5mm and a special safety-film-backing which, in case of accidental breakage, avoids the glass pieces to crumble and the
formation of glass slivers. This is a very important safety feature, especially for children, who are usually more exposed to this type of risk.

Easy to hang

Quick and easy installation
using our “X Hanging” system
which permits the mirrors to be
hung vertically or horizontally.


The heating element attached to the backside of the mirror prevents it from becoming foggy with vapour, typically present in a
bathroom environment. The defogger function offers the best solution possible to say goodbye to foggy mirrors and hazy reflections.