Your image from every angle: Titan is the illuminated wall mirror with very comfortable folding doors with double reflective surface. In the Rounded declination, the shape of Titan is softened by the rounded corners. The Plexiglas light diffuser gives you uniform and soft lighting, while drawing and emphasizing the shape of the reflecting surface. The LED light is both ambient and direct, at 360 °, the temperature (3000K-4000K-6000K) and the intensity can be adjusted simply by touching the touch switch equipped with a dimmer function. The defogger function, in the central mirror, makes it a perfect mirror also for the bathroom or for humid environments.

Data sheet

Titan Rounded


Backlighting and thin Plexiglas edge illuminated by LEDs
Rounded corner double mirrored folding sides
Illuminated touch ON/OFF sensor switch with dimmer

Defogger function
TripleWhite LED temperature color 3000-4000K or 6000K

5mm mirror thickness
Safety film backing
220V, CE, IP44

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