Your reflection, our passion

Vanità & Casa develops and designs with enthusiasm mirrors and mirrors illuminated LED containers. The objective that aims to achieve is to offer an innovative product, furniture, technologically advanced and capable of arousing emotions, creating particular atmospheres.

In these years the company has systematically analyzed the possible situations of use of the product, allowing us to offer options like
BlueVibe (music via Bluetooth with vibration speakers) infrared sensor with intensity adjustment, LED backlighting, “X” hanging (easy mounting of the mirror), anti-fog function with dedicated switch, mirror thickness of 5mm with safety film and IP44 protection.

To these characteristics is added the new use of Plexiglas on the sides that, thanks to its transparency, offers uniform lighting, and the new DualWhite system, with white Kelvin double temperature light, which allows to satisfy, with the same product, different needs .

All our LED illuminated mirrors and mirrors are environmentally friendly. They are in fact low energy consumption and made using recyclable materials. Our greatest satisfaction is to know that Vanità & Casa mirrors and mirrors will become an important element of your personal well-being for you.