Look at yourself in the mirror and listen to the web radio

BLUE-VIBE or “web radio” is a new system of musical transmission via Bluetooth from the phone or tablet. The mirror comes with a vibrating speaker that emits the high-fidelity sound.

High performance with low energy consumption

We employ the latest lighting technology and use the newest generation of LED lights which offer the best performance at the lowest possible energy consumption in accordance with the global effort to respect precious resources. All the Vanità & Casa mirrors are LED illuminated, including the backlit models.

By means of a simple movement…

Thanks to an infrared sensor, turning the mirror on and off is extremely simple, the light intensity of the mirror is adjustable and the on/off is done by passing the hand near the infrared sensor.
The models Mira and Orion Ø 900 mm are not available with the light intensity regulation.*

PLEASE NOTE: the mirror must be installed not less than 15 cm from the wall or bath furniture column. Otherwise the sensor will “read” the object and will not function properly.

*The mirror switches are on bottom right (when installed as shown in the catalog photos).

For a perfect make-up

immagine specchio con lente

A 3X illuminated magnifying mirror permits you to apply your make-up perfectly. The magnifying mirror option is available only with the Lybra and Mira models. Both Mira models permit you to program the backlit magnifying mirror with a warm 3000K light or a cold 6000K light.

No more foggy reflections

immagine specchio antiappanno

The heating element attached to the backside of the mirror prevents it from becoming foggy with vapour, typically present in a bathroom environment. The defogger function offers the best solution possible to say goodbye to foggy mirrors and hazy reflections. In order to save energy, it is possible to activate the defogger function by simply pushing a dedicated red button. The red button can be turned on only when required.

Easy to hang

immagine sistema 'X Hanging'

Quick and easy installation using our “X Hanging” system which also permits the mirror to be hang vertically or horizontally.

Always on time

immagine specchio con orologio

Even in the bathroom, while getting ready to go out, you can check the time on the digital clock so not to be late for your appointment. The AQUILA 800x600, ANDROMEDA and GEMINI have an illuminated digital clock.

Safety inside the mirror

immagine bambina sorridente

Our mirrors have a thickness of 5mm and a special safetiy film backing which, in case of accidental breakage, avoids the glass pieces to crumble and the formation of glass slivers. This is a very important safety feature, especially for children, who are usually more exposed to this type of risk.

A quality choice

immagine marchi qualità

Vanità & Casa only uses certified components that do not create environmental disturbances, respect international standards and guarantee safety for the user; low emission electromagnetic fields, water resistant structures (IP certified), etc..

Boreale lighting

immagine specchi retro illuminati

Not only beautiful images but also the possibility to project your favorite color to the surroundings in order to begin the day in a great mood.

Ambient lighting

immagine specchi retro illuminati

Switch on our mirrors to create an environment filled with a suave, comfortable, pleasant light to begin your day in the best of ways.

Look at yourself in the mirror and listen to music

POWER-SOUND is a high-performance stereo-system that allows you to listen to FM radio or your favorite MP3 music from your mobile phone, USB, SD card. (Bluetooth is not provided with this system).