Vanità & Casa continues to develop and engineer its LED illuminated mirror line with enthusiasm by offering a product which is innovative, complementary to the bathroom environment, technologically advanced and able to excite newer and newer emotions.

In these two years that we have been present in the bath furnishing sector, we have been exploring and systematically analyzing the way the mirror product is perceived and employed. This has led us to offer new options such as BlueVibe (music via Bluetooth with vibration speakers), infrared on/off sensor with dimmer function, LED backlighting, WarmWhite (backlit magnifying mirror with 3000K or 6000K color LEDs) , X Hanging (for user friendly installation).

Together with these new options we also provide defoggers with dedicated on/off button, radio, MP3 music and iPod® cable connection, 5 mm mirror thickness with safety film backing and a protection level of IP44. All our mirrors are energy-saving.

Our greatest satisfaction is to know that Vanità & Casa mirrors will become an important element of your personal well-being.